Saturday, 19 June 2010

Put It On

The P.R. machine is in top gear, full effect. I've got half of the t-shirts from Rhys now, the rest next week. Click the picture to go big, all pictures in this post are camera phone sorry.

I also now have 1000 garish stickers.

So I'm fully merched up for Sunday. The rest of Thomas Street are in Liverpool at the moment, say hello to them, Brad has some prints for free so go grab one while you can. They've also got new t-shirts with them with the shop crest on them by Lee. In the interest of spreading the love, tomorrow I'll be representing in Reading Tattoo convention. It's being held at the Rivermead leisure complex and I think doors are around lunch time.

In other news, 33/Crossbreaker/Blackhole went well last night, as far as I'm aware all the prints went. They also had a t-shirt for sale that I did, in the same golden yellow as my t-shirt, very Wu. I don't think they've made many, they'll be selling them tonight too.

Next update will be post convention. Myself, Dave and Gary will be loading up the Yaris, squeezing in with the tattoo bed and everything and heading to Reading early tomorrow morning. Thank you to everyone for showing an interest in the t-shirts, if I've spoken to you rest easy, Ill get to sorting you out next week.

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