Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Island In The Sun

Back home from Dublin, convention season is over. Had a blast, alot of traveling but it was good seeing friends and making new ones. Tattooed Amy on the Friday, she's going to send me a picture so I'll update as and when. Did an Angel of death of sorts on Eoin on the Saturday. Felt like being back in high school having the CFH love.

Jenna had a King of Spades on the Saturday too, I never got it out of her why she wanted it but it was cool, she let me run with it.

And to wind down on the Sunday Cian wanted a tattoo of his dog Milo and I was happy to oblige.

Thank you again to yer' man Cian for making the whole thing happen, it was good fun sharing a booth with him aswell as Lee, Brad and Joe. As it was all in the hotel we stayed in I didnt go outside for 3 days straight, sadly Wales is not the place to replenish vitamin D.


  1. yeah dude, it's awesome to be back. you guys gonna be at the brighton conv?

  2. Yeah Lee is working, Ill be there for atleast a day, it would be good to see yourself and Ross.