Sunday, 19 December 2010

Refuse To Lose

Christmas card shit

A deep freeze has fallen over the country, missed out on a few days work due to over a foot of snow falling on my home and sadly a few tattoos I was looking forward to had to be re-scheduled. I also only just managed to get down to the Designer Violence Christmas show in the Milgi, Cardiff on it's last day. I only had my phone camera and was foolish enough to go when it was closed, however someone (thank you) was nice enough to open it for me. So here's some poor quality pictures from the show.

Designer Violence Xmas Show

Designer Violence Xmas Show

Designer Violence Xmas Show

It was a shame I missed out on going to one of the nights where there was an event happening. A big thank you to DV for showing my painting, here is a good picture of it now the show has finished.

The kanji says Lucky

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