Monday, 17 January 2011

Team-Mates Can't Hustle Eachother

A couple of months ago Calum asked if myself and Brad would do a split tattoo like a painting we've done in the past, except he wanted an octopus and it to be holding various objects. At first I thought this would be a fucking nightmare but before Christmas Brad did his side and I did mine last week. I think it came out well, the divide is obvious but it's what Calum wanted.

Split Tattoo With Brad


Split Tattoo Brad

Brad "Go back to Seaworld" T

Split Tattoo Me


After the tattoo was wrapped up me and Brad shot some hoops. (Rare internet content, Brad's the one wearing 2 vests)

Next month I'll be in Broad Street Bath on Friday the 11th which is booked up so I'll now also be there on the Saturday too. Contact me if you want to book in.

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