Monday, 4 October 2010

Deadly Sinners

Very busy few weeks. London convention was a good time, good to see some friendly faces although in some cases far too breifly, got tattooed by Dan Sinnes, bought loads of books most noteable of which is Amund Dietzel, "These Old Blue Arms" and ate alot of crappy food. Busy tattooing week followed and a automotive nightmare on the M4 Saturday morning. Got to work 5 hours late but got to tattoo a bulldog balancing the world on its head on Josh.

This was the only good picture so here's a picture of the stencil. I then tattooed Gareth with a zombie, didn't finish up untill it was late, another lock in, so the picture quality is poor.

Full steam ahead for the Dublin Halloween Convention at the end of the month, I'm fully booked and can't wait.

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