Tuesday, 7 December 2010

I Don't Like The Look Of It

Internet is back in Thomas Street and here's the flash we did.

Flash Dec

Mine as a whole, I couldn't fit the little sailor guy in so he had to jam sideways. Click for bigger. Here's the original.


Brads stolen from his blog.

Brads flash

Neill is a technophobe.

Neills flash

Lee's not finished. Will edit.

And here's some other pictures from the last week.

Death Micky

I don't know why I did this, there's no reason behind a death metal Micky Mouse.

Jamies arm in progress

Started the top of Jamies Jap sleeve.

Grants sleeve in progress

Some of Grants blasphemous sleeve in progree. Sweet zombie Jesus it's impossible to take a good picture of a tattoo once the sun has gone down. Some of the blood is real, some is not.

I also did a painting for the Milgi show but you'll have to go along to see it... or wait for me to post a picture of it at the show like 24 hours later.

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