Saturday, 5 November 2011

Heads Will Roll

Not many pictures came out great from last week in Glasgow. Did this shark.

Shark foot

And then this week I went south and spent a few days with everyone in Glory Bound.

Ben Coming Home

Did "Coming home" on Ben, not the best picture.

Pinkys leg

Pinky wanted a cross of Gunner (Petes dog) and Godzilla.

Gunner the dog

He does have a little pink scar on his top lip, it's not a bit I missed or anything.


And then I tattooed Pete.


Thank yous all around as always, had a great time, Exeter's Pizza express didn't know what hit it.

Screen Print 2

On the way home I stopped by TKs with a panther head design and got down to some screen printing (with a little bit of spray painting).

Screen Print

The end result is 13 A3(ish) posters that are now up on my new big cartel site. £10 per print, one per person, postage included, all individually sprayed, signed and numbered.

Screen Print 4

After the spray paint I even did some of the screen printing.

Screen Print 3

Obviously a thank you going out to Tony, contact him for all your screen print needs.

The prints are ON SALE NOW and once the 13 are gone they're gone sorry, no re-prints.

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